"Urban Ghosts": (2002) Video installation

Examines the ongoing conflicts radiating from the remarkable fusion of architecture, history, and national identity in the Hague.

The Zwarte Madonna - Surveillance monitoring by four camera, with the objective of detecting & preventing distress situations from happening. 

 Today the passanten contue to walk past the place where the Zwarte Madonna once was, she has become the Urban Ghost. 

 The video is a 20 minute loop.

The installation is made up of a large projection.
A surveillance camera with four monitors.

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"Nomadic Allegory" (2002) Projection

This animation is taken from a 8mm film clip, filmed during my walk through the Omo area in Ethiopia. Digitised and coloured.

It depicts a woman who is smoking a cigarette. She lives in Ethopia and belongs to the Maanient tribe.

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